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Hi there! I’ve never had a blog before (or any type of real online presence, honestly), so I thought I’d take some time to introduce myself. I guess I’ll start off with a few main points:

  • I’m 23
  • I grew up in the south and went to college in the midwest
  • I live with my boyfriend (We shall call him Nikko)
  • I have a bachelor’s and master’s in mechanical & aerospace engineering
  • My interests/hobbies include lighting candles, writing, coloring, painting (if I have the patience for it), The Office, dogs, and, of course, food

You can imagine that as an engineer, I can’t draw over schematics with Crayola crayons, paint a mural of Dwight’s beet farm, or go out for extravagant 2 hour lunches. And let’s not even get started on the safety and health regulations I would be violating by lighting candles and bringing dogs into my workplace. So I guess that’s why I ended up here – to pursue just a couple of my interests in a structured way. I like food, I like writing, and the internet loves some good food content. I guess Nikko’s insistence for me to start a food blog makes a lot of sense.

Nikko and I like to go out to eat frequently. For us, it’s a way to learn more about the cultures and people around us. Chefs put tremendous thought into their dishes, and we love trying to decipher those thoughts. So I imagine that this blog will be primarily about our experiences eating out, but if I happen to make a stellar dish at home, I think I’d share it!

How did we both become so obsessed with food? My parents are both super picky eaters, and they typically didn’t let me eat anything that they wouldn’t eat. So I spent the first 18 years of my life trying to imagine the flavor and texture of the food around me. I gained a huge curiosity for new foods, and once I left for college, I subconsciously made a deal with myself to experiment as much as I can with food. For Nikko, he comes from a family of foodies, so loving food is in his blood.

I think this has been a pretty good introduction. I’ve had several exciting food experiences lately (mostly due to holiday traveling), and I can’t wait to share them!


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